Get Your Electric Bicycle

Get Your Electric Bicycle

An electric bicycle is a nice piece of machinery. It is so practical and it looks great too.There are many advantages if you use an electric bicycle.

You protect the environment.
Don’t pollute the environment anymore. You are not the creator of smell and noise. Make short trips to the shop or dentist with your electric bicycle.

Less stress
You suffer less stress as you don’t have to search and pay for parking spots. This eliminates problems and hassles. Just get a folding electric bicycle and store it in the corner of your office.

Get in touch with nature
Find a natural path and use it every day to ride to work. This way you relax as you breath fresh air and enjoy nature.

Meet new people
You might meet new and interesting people on your daily ride to work.

Use the bicycle for small trips
If you have to go to the supermarket, or elsewhere use the bike. This keeps you fit and you save money on petrol. You might lose some weight as well. You still have to pedal to keep the motor running. But this is a good exercise for you.

No more sweat
To ride an electric bicycle is easy. When you ride uphill you just switch to a higher power level and lower gear. Vou climb uphill fast and effortless. Enjoy the great cruising feeling. Finally you arrive at your office in a relaxed way. You don’t have to take a shower at work.

You are sometimes faster
Often you are faster using the bike while others are sitting in a traffic jam. You don’t have to wait for traffic lights but use the shortcuts.

Save money
Example: Commute 10 km to work daily. That makes 5 days x 20 km (two way) = 100 km. The car uses around 10 litres/100km. Petrol cost about .30 per litre. This makes about .00 per week in petrol, just for the trip to work. You save this money and more on short trips to shops etc. It takes around 18 months to cover the cost of an electric bike just in fuel alone. If I consider parking costs and expensive car repairs caused by wear and tear then you save even more.


Read more about the Electric Bicycle. Read the Bicycle Buying Guide.

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