How to Buy a Bicycle : Learn About Hybrid Bicycles

Learn what qualities make a hybrid bike right or wrong for you in this free video series that should help you pick the proper bike for yourself. Expert: Eric Kieke Contact: Bio: In 2006, Eric Kieke co-founded Spin City Cycling – a full-service bicycle shop in Austin, Texas. He is an avid mountain biker and enjoys supporting the local, thriving cycling community. Filmmaker: Sally Martin
Video Rating: 4 / 5

We went to check out these cool “Hybrid” bikes as we’re fans of all things green!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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21 thoughts on “How to Buy a Bicycle : Learn About Hybrid Bicycles

  1. what kind of bike should i get if i just wana go to my friends house not really wanting to go fast but not really on a dirt path

  2. I bought Trek 7.5fx A specialized Sirrus Comp and a Roubaix triple Racing I think I really enjoy the two hybids and incredibly a bikes not a just a bike they are both different to ride theres beauty in both of them I couldnt choose between the two and eventually bought both I wish I was younger not 50 as the bikes rae just so sweet to ride and i dont have enough time

  3. Hybrids are great, but keep the suspension fork. I want to feel the road and make nimble turns. A squishy front fork won’t let me do that.

  4. Unless you want to pump your lungs off on a road bike or commit suicide in the wilderness on a mountain bike, hybrids are the best options especially the 26 wheeled ones which are the most versatile.

  5. Thanks for posting. that’s great information. good stuff. i think i will buy a hybird instead of a mountain bike or a racing bike.

  6. I have a Trek Hybrid 7.2 FX color is gold 750 matrix tire. It’s heavy I do about 8 miles a day on it on road can’t really keep up with road bikes but much faster then a mountain bike I have the sport model which is nice treks bontrager technology retail on my bike was $500.00. Bike is very strong and durable tires hold up really well I a heavy guy I weigh around 230-250 pounds and the bike is strong i live in arizona.

  7. Thanks for the feeback 🙂 i was going to order a specialised globe hybrid, but now ive gone for a cube MTB at towards 600euros, just im a clumsey bugger at best and the weather in the UKs horrendous so im thinking an MTB is going to be a better all round job, plus i generally dont commute more than 5 miles at a time so i guess im just going to have work a little harder 🙂

  8. Benwell1, The wheels are not quite as strong on hybrids having 700c wheels instead of the 26″ on the mountain bikes but if your doing quite a bit of road riding then the hybrid would be far quicker on those larger narrower wheels and also less work when riding.I bought a trek mountain bike a few years ago which was great off road but not as good on road so i have just ordered a 2008 Felt QX70.Great bike for the money i think after looking at hundreds of bikes over the last few months.

  9. Thanks for posting, anybody know what main disadvantages of hybrid >> mountain bike are and vice versa, its going to be one of the two and im for hybrid atm.

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