im looking for an electric sports car?

Question by gravyandicecream: im looking for an electric sports car?
im looking for an electric sports car thats some what affordable. The tesla roadster is the ONLY electric sports car that I have found so far, but ive seen adds for others. The tesla roadster runs for about 100,000$ “us” and im not willing to spend that much. My MAX I will spend is 60,0000$ and I ONLY want an “electric” sports car. any links or helpful names would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Miss Mota Mouth
Tesla is the only company that offered an electric sports car for sale in the US and they are not for sale even now because they took orders for 2 years and still have yet to produce a single car besides the concept version. They have ceased development of the sedan that they were designing, canceled construction of their factory in Albuquerque, NM, removed the CEO and decided to focus on fulfilling orders for the millions of dollars of cars that they already sold.

Lightning Car Company in the UK has its own version but they also have yet to produce a prototype even though they are taking deposits for £50K to secure a place in line for one and they aren’t even sure when they will begin production let alone be approved to bring them to the US.

This is an expensive venture for the automotive industry and just getting a non-sports model is proving to be difficult. It will probably be another 5 years at least before an affordable and reliable sports car gets produced.

BTW- The reason that there are these companies selling non-existent cars is that the buyers perceive themselves as investors in developing a car better for the environment so celebrities, politicians, etc are trying to help defray the crazy expensive research and development process.

About the Aptera- the idea is fantastic and I hope that they can deliver as they are speculating but the question is about a sports car- not a 3-wheeled vehicle considered a motorcycle in most states which has huge safety issues.

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3 thoughts on “im looking for an electric sports car?

  1. The only other full electric sports cars I know of are either craftsman plan vehicles like the Trimuter and the discontinued GM EV-1,

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