25 thoughts on “Lithium battery foldable electric bicycle

  1. This is what happens when you get a native speaker to deliver the lines, but the script is still written by someone who doesn’t have a good grasp of English. An odd combination of neutral accent and ridiculous word choice.

  2. China produced 14 million cars in 2009. Double than the next country. Don’t make fun of them, they will be the strongest economic force in 2-3 years (and not 10-20 as the world says).
    They know how to market for the simple people. But what they can’t uderstand is that marketing has changed. You cannot dress up an Italian homeless in doctor and name him Marico. We don’t believe you:)

  3. @nnjsword Yes, because you would save so much money, you can buy your partner a holiday at the end of the year, and you haven’t polluted me, which I’m sure is high up your list of priorities.

  4. Nice bike but LMAO at the *way* the whole commercial is presented in ‘Chinese English’. Reminds me of the old Bruce Lee movies. 😀

  5. No web site, no price, no address, nowhere to order. Is this the thing the Heaven’s gate suicide cult was planning to ride? Anyway, I want one. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

  6. surprisingly this device would be very usefull for people on the go(truck driver)
    we often end up in place where we wish we had a mode of transportation .do they sell in the usa these thing or its only in asia?

  7. Although dubbed in English, why oh why are there no corrections to the script that was obviously written in chinese and badly translated, .. But its not their fault , why didn’t the american doing the voice over point out all of those horrible faux pas?

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