22 thoughts on “Marrs Cycles – Electric Bicycle Beach Cruiser

  1. Yes, I ride a busettii Big 50 Mile Bike ! I have had it for 3 months and it is great. My friends have other e-bikes but they are way slower and wimpier than my Busettii. I can get up to 60 miles on one charge and the top speed is about 27 MPH but they are selling at just $1700 now. BECAUSE OF THE BIKE paths and the right shoulder of the road I can go faster than cars across town. I want to try Busettii’s new VORTEX mountain bike soon ! It goes 85 miles on one charge. ciao

  2. How much does it cost now? that seem a bit steep but i could see $3000 maybe 3500 but it better come with LiFePo4 batteries

  3. @acidpope1 Which is exactly why electric powered transportation is stuck in neutral. Everybody wants too much for it! A modern day Henry Ford is needed. He could teach America how to manufacture again..

  4. ya know….the more I watch this….the body design is damn nice, I love the way you bent the tubing on the bottom area

  5. thats pretty cool almost has a retro motorcycle look to it…..and I love the big tires on it. I think it would look awsome if you changed the handle bars to look like the ones on old WW2 german motorcycles….. and paint it in green brown camofloge. I’ll bet you could start selling these

  6. Thats not a bicycle anymore, its an electric motorcycle.
    It doesnt have pedals, or even a chain, only the motor, batteries and controller.

  7. That awsome: I really like it alot. The design and construction is incredible… Hey: Im not sure, But im going to ask you a stupid question. Because thay say a stupid question, is the one that not ask. Do you by anychance make and sell bikes like that for the public or do you design that bike for your personnal use. If you do make bikes like that for the public, than I am interested!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great looking bike. Would love one, but when I saw an article quote it’s price I’ll enjoy watching it on youtube instead. Costs as much as my Ninja 650 ffs.

  9. the problem is the people will speed in the walking areas and goof off and that is when the new laws get passed -so no more fun

  10. Yeah the bike is nice but why don’t you pay the copyrights for someone els’s art. That is not your song or music is it?

    How would you like it when some steals your bike design and doesn’t pay you?

    Good luck.

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