22 thoughts on “Mongoose Cruiser Electric Bike Review

  1. but wait , these motors stop the bike too so if you go down a hill would it stop you going fast? cos then wouldnt you have to turn off the electricity supply and “pedal” it. but then you have to reach back. why didnt they put the power button on the handlebars?

  2. Too bad they are not so popular here in Romania . I live at 45 minutes of walking from my college , and there’s no bus line i can take to shorten my path , i’d love to ride one of these every morning to college

  3. Yes, Busettii Bikes have the good pedaling system so you can use it as a bike or pedal with the motor. I have one and it runs about 75–85 miles per charge but you can also pedal like a regular bike. Also, it really goes fast even in throttle mode. Check out busettii dot com if you need more info. ciao

  4. I have a Mini 40 Mile Busettii bike and it runs 50-55 miles on one battery charge. I also tried my friends Vortex Mountain bike by Busettii. It ROCKS ! Can get up to 32 mph top speed, and on one charge that bike set the new record of 86 miles. Hope it becomes a big hit. In California many people like Busettii because they cost around $1700 but can go 50–86 miles on one charge depending on model. Maria in Cali

  5. cool some one that has the same bike my dad gave me his and I have to fix it up and to tell you its hard to find motor brushes for it I got some dyson brushes and shaved them down to fit I tried to change the sprocket for more speed but fear burning out th motor so put the ariginal back in I want it to go like crazy fast one day all in all great bike

  6. Cool video, great to see one of these e-bikes in action they look fun to ride.. I’m considering buying one myself but there’s so many things to consider and different models.. I’m undecided whether to go for a scooter-type bike or a conventional looking bicycle like in your video. I guess with a conventional looking bike it would be safer and there’s less chance of being pulled by the cops every 5 minutes.

  7. I’m sorry, maybe I missing the point, a bike is made for excersize right, why do you need that electric motor? my legs put out way more power than that motor.

  8. @TheRUSSIA69 hahaha this kind of music always make me think of its always sunny in philidelphia so i couldnt stop laughing the whole time.

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