Samyang Optics holds ZAP electric vehicle extravanganza

SEOUL, KOREA–(Marketwire – 01/27/10) – Samyang Optics Co. Ltd. (Korea: 008080) announced today at a special press conference extravaganza event held at the Grand Hilton Convention Center in Seoul, Korea, that it has signed a distribution agreement with California electric transportation pioneer ZAP (OTC.BB:ZAAP – News) for the exclusive rights to manufacture, assemble and market ZAP’s complete line of electric trucks, vans, motorcycles, scooters and ATVs in Korea. This event was well attended by more than 500 people, with 150 people from the media, including media coverage by SBS, YTN, and MBN television stations in Korea. For more news and information, visit
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Zap electric cars and electric scooters; 2009

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25 thoughts on “Samyang Optics holds ZAP electric vehicle extravanganza

  1. in my town (southern oregon) we generally travel 30-45 in town, so instead of spending money on gas i’d rather drive something like this (I wish I could afford to get one)

  2. A lot of these vehicles look interesting, but enough with the lame futuristic music. HOW MUCH? It never ceases to amaze me how these vehicles are never available unless i want to pay for very high shipping rates, cost way more then their actualy worth, and have a limited range that makes them completly useless to most people. BRING BACK THE EV-1

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  4. What is the lil truck to cost? What is its range and top speed? I have a 30 mile commute I need 60 miles range bare min. 100 miles would be ideal lil wiggle room if I get rerouted.

  5. 40 mph is a nonstarter and impractical for 99% of the population, which is probably why I’d never heard of the company. Now this car, though, is somewhat interesting. Fast, not outrageously expensive.

  6. Xebra is a cool electric car to drive without going broke paying for gasoline and new mufflers,catalytic converters and tune-ups

  7. ZAP is setting up a manufacturing facility in Kentucky from where the Alias will be produced in about a year’s time. The factory will create some 4000 jobs in the area.

  8. ZAP is planning to make cars in the USA. This is great news for the local economy and incentive for some of us who only buy American.

  9. WOW, I thought my ZAP Xebra was great until I saw this video….my Xebra is 2 years old. When the Alias comes out I will be ready to trade in my Xebra for it. ZAP you are really doing it. I love my ZAP pk………

  10. the zapcar is useful for small trips saving you fuel costs for local destinations. it really adds up and in the long run the car pay’s itself off.

    The alias will go over 100, just in case you did not know 😉

  11. Awesome video. Add up how much you save in gas and insurance just with your every day commute and the car will more than pay for itself.

  12. Anybody knows if the the new Xebra with the car like tail lights is the next generation out there? Available? looking much better!!

  13. Xebra is not JOKE! Saving me tons in gas and emissions savings! Yes the Alias is the car of the immediate future! Everyone can afford a Xebra TODAY! Replace one out of every 20 gas burners out there and consider the positive impact!

  14. I love that we use Zap cars everyday at my place of business to haul and transport items around all of our acreage. The best part is, that we are able to do what we need to do to get the job done and reduce our carbon footprint! Let’s Save this environment!!!!

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