Steep Hill Climb Currie Electric Bike Confirmed!

The Crystalyte holds steady 25km/h and the Currie did 30km/h, no pedalling. (With Older Gear RATIO) Now top speed would be more like 40-45km/h with the latest ratio. See the rest of my channel videos to learn more about this. 24 volt electric motor. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give this bike an overall 8. My main issue is the loudness of the motor. No, electric bikes aren’t all silent. Range is probably about 10 miles and depends on a lot of factors. An extra battery pack can be bought and attached on the right side for increased range. Best of all, the bike uses no gasoline. Charging takes no more than 3 hours. This is the lowest priced of all ebikes and no matter how much you spend on one, even thousands of dollars, you’ll get about the same range out of all of them. If you spend big bucks on an ebike, it would be only for status, and people won’t notice anyway.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 thoughts on “Steep Hill Climb Currie Electric Bike Confirmed!

  1. Hi thanks for the answers! My motor is “RATED” 700w but I dont place too much faith in those “ratings”. By the way I meant to say 5305, same as you.

    You have 3 batteries in series, correct?

    I was wondering what effect my battery would have on such a powerful motor, would it be like trying to power a Jeep with a motorbike engine….I think those large crystalytes like a lot of Amperes and a lot of volts…

    Thanks again.

  2. Could I ask you, I have a Lifepo4 battery {one of the Duct tape variety}, rated at 48v 20Ah, would my battery drive a 5308?


  3. How long would it take for me to ride about 4 miles there & 4 miles back with about 30 pounds of camera gear on my back, That would bring my total weight up to 225 pounds all together.

  4. You should have no problem if the battery is in good shape, but you can take the charger with you and charge it while you’re in classes, so I see no problems whatsoever. Would be a great, economical bike for school. I’ve been driving mine a year now. Battery is getting old, down to about 4-5 miles total now.

  5. Will I be able to ride 4 miles there & back on 1 charge?

    I’m thinking about getting one these bikes for college use!

  6. Hehe, same here with my drill powered bike, its so loud its fun to ride. Sorry, I was responding to the other person on that, I was refering to the other currie, since there is a relation.

  7. My ezip Trailz motor is 24v 450w. I’m not talking about other Currie motors, just the one that’s on my bike. My motor is very loud. Dogs start barking at it from 2 blocks away.

  8. It’s easy to see that the currie motor on this bike is a bit loud. Don’t know why you’re in such denial, but then, some people are never wrong. I’ve yet to see a hub motor that is anywhere close to the loudness of the currie motor.

  9. Show me a Currie Ezip Trailz like mine that is “quite silent”. Show me any hub motor that is louder than my Currie. I really don’t care that much about the sound, I was just making a point that the motor is rather loud. I’m quite pleased with the bike and it’s my personal opinion that the motor sound is the only drawback.

  10. I disagree with motorizedfun about hubs being definately quieter. The currie motor is actually quite silent in some cases. Noise can be related to gear ratio’s within the motors and whether it’s brushed or not. At 36v 1000w the currie does much faster than this. Don’t believe, come see…

  11. Yes, just about any e-bike is 100% quieter than this, but they are also more expensive. The hub motors are definitely quieter, almost silent.

  12. I just got mine and thought the noise was not as bad as I’d expected…you’ve heard quieter ones? I wonder about putting this motor/battery on my old Trek 750…

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