What is the best electric bicycle out there?

Question by Tim: What is the best electric bicycle out there?
Looking for an electric bicycle for commuting…range isn’t too crucial as long as it’s greater than 10 miles. Affordability is important.

Best answer:

Answer by David N
Walmart. The price is up a lot, but it’s still cheaper than do-it yourself.


I own one. The range is 15 miles no pedaling, level ground, if you go easy on the throttle. It comes with an 110v automatic charger, so I take mine inside and plug it in. A full recharge is about 4 hours.
If you pedal a bit and use the boost feature instead of full time power, the range doubles.

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2 thoughts on “What is the best electric bicycle out there?

  1. There are now many electric assist bicycles out there. Some come complete and some kits you adapt to your own bicycle. A great place to start might be here: http://www.electricbikesreviews.com/

    There are two general types of electric assist bicycles. They are hub motors and friction motors. For either one the motor and batteries will add weight to the bicycle.

    Features you will want to look for should include:

    Light with a good power to weight ratio.
    The added weight of the batteries should be well placed for the design of the bike and not simply put anywhere.
    Ability to remove the battery for charging inside the home.

    Regenerative braking captures inertial energy and tries to convert that back into electricity to charge the battery. Bicycles are much lighter than a car and so have less inertial energy to capture. Batteries can’t accept a massive influx of energy at once. As a result batteries are not so good to capture inertial energy. The good news is that while this may not be an extremely useful feature it virtually comes free with an electric motor

    A fairing of some sort will extend range probably more than regenerative braking. Because of its lower wind resistance an electric recumbant makes some sense: http://www.recumbents.com/wisil/e-bent/default.htm

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