Your Questions About Electric Mini Motorcycle

Richard asks…

Mini electric motorcycle that goes 20 mph or higher?

can someone tell me where to find a mini motorcycle not like a little one a medium sized one that can go at least 20 mph and no more than 30 and cc is fine and the battery life cant be crappy please help me find one for under 700$

Ed answers:

How about this one…….


Or maybe this one…….


Jenny asks…

my mini motorcycle wont pull start or it wont electric start i have charged it. any way to fix w/o new batery?

it has full gas, when it is charging the light is green which means it is fully charged but it still wont work??? please help

Ed answers:

You need to unjam the pull cord, and/or replace the battery. (The battery is unable to produce sufficient current, even though it has full voltage. See the URL for why this happens.)

On most such motors you can remove the cover over the pull cord and untangle it. That would let you start it.

James asks…

where is the start button located on an electri gas powered mini motorcycle?

i have a mini motrcyle its electric powered and i think it has a pull start button but i dont no where it is

Ed answers:

If you don’t know how to START it, you DON’T belong ON it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra asks…

How do I start my mini motorcycle?

I bought a mini motorcycle for my son, I lost the manual so I dont know how to staert it. It has a pull cord that husband can start it with, but it also has a button for electric start. I have a feeling Im supposed to do something while holding the button to make it start Im just not sure what. Also underneath the bike there is a thing that slides up and down, I dont know if it needs to be up or down to start, I guess its the throttle?! Please help its a SST mini motorcycle. My husband is working out of town, so I need t start it myself.

Ed answers:

The on off switch has to be ON, brake pulled in, and if it has a choke, pull it out, and choke the carb when starting. I dont know if it has a key either, some do…turn the key on if it does.

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