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William asks…

bike suspension for a trike?


I’ve a question concerning the most adequate suspension for a passenger trike (call it a rickshaw if you will) I’m building.
I’ve set out with CG rear suspension (here’s a picture of one)

Both are placed under each passenger.

I’d like to know if I can get away with using 2 mountain bike frame springs
this picture gives you an idea of the dimension, though the one I have in mind is slightly smaller.

The trike is pedal-powered with electric assistance. It will NOT get a rough ride, I’m looking just to absorb extra unexpected shocks that the tyres may not absorb.

Thanks for your answers

Ed answers:

They should do the work, but I’d suggest you to go to your local bike shop for a more practical advice.

In the past I’ve used this kind of shock absorbers – see if they fit your plans/


Nancy asks…

A question about batteries?

I just got an electric motorized wheel for my mountain bike which is a 48v system, the guy that sold it to me said to just get 4 12v batteries or 8 6v batteries and link them together. Is this correct?

Ed answers:

Either of of these combos will yield 48V.
You may find them cheaper at a local battery store as they are heavy and expensive to ship. A 7 Amp-hour 12 V battery (this is about the smallest size that will do you any good unless you’re just going to the mailbox and back) weighs about 10 Lbs, so your 4 battery pack will weigh at least 40 Lbs; you’ll want to mount these below the center of gravity, if possible, or they will be like hauling a bag of bricks on your bike rack.
Also to make 48 V you need to connect the batteries in series, that is the positive terminal from the first battery is the positive lead for the entire battery pack, then the negative terminal for the first battery goes to the positive terminal for the second battery, the negative terminal for the second battery goes to the positive terminal for the third battery, the negative terminal for the third battery goes to the positive terminal of the fourth battery and the negative terminal of the fourth battery is the negative terminal of your 48V battery pack.
Good luck

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