Your Questions About Electric Mountain Bike

Robert asks…

E-Zip 2008 Mountain trail hybrid electric bike in rain/hot/cold?

What will happen if the battery of this bike soaked in rain?
How about if its battery covered in ice/snow?
Or if I park my bike outside while temp is so hot (90-100f).
Will anything happen to this battery or bike?
Thank u very much
mine is SLA battery

Ed answers:

You don’t say if the battery is lead acid, lithium or Ni-Mh. Lead acid batteries are particularly susceptible to cold and damp and the electrolyte will lose its charge if they are left in the wet or cold for any length of time and that will cause the cells to deteriorate. If however the battery is left for a short period of time say a few hours then it will be okay. I have an elecric bike and the golden rule is to keep the battery fully charged whenever possible- that is the state that makes it most resistant to external variations in temperature etc. I have a waterproof cover for mine just to prevent water getting into it. Hot temperatures don’t seem to cause any problems and might actually improve battery performance.

Michael asks…

painting aluminum mountain bike frame?

i’ve stripped and sanded my frame, primed and picked out a color “chrysler electric blue”. my question is should I go with automotive paint or is there something else I should use for aluminum. I hear lots of people talking about krylon paint. is that a special type of paint or just a brand?

Ed answers:

Absolutely no experience with this, but if I were going to paint a bicycle, I’d go to an auto parts store, figuring, maybe unjustly, that the paint would be higher quality than I’d find at the box stores. Nothing to back that idea up with tho.

I took my frame to a powder coating shop. They stripped and did a perfect paint job for $60. Hundreds of colors to select from. Very durable paint applied with some sort of mysterious electrical process and heat cured.

I think Krylon is a brand.

Charles asks…

price ranges for different bikes?

i need to know the price range of some different bikes. can you help me out?
i need the price range for a road bike, a mountain bike, an electric bike, a folding bike, and a novelty bike
please help!
oh by the way, i need the price ranges according to UK prices – in £’s
thank you! 🙂

Ed answers:

Trek has their msrp listed.

Mark asks…

What social clique would you put my character in?

It’s a teenage boy. He has shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and likes to play electric guitar and drums. He’s also a great soccer player and he likes to mountain bike. He’s fairly popular at his school, by the way.

Ed answers:

He doesn’t have to be in a clique. He can just have a group of friends with the same interests or he could just jump from clique to clique.

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