Your Questions About Mountain Bike Motor Kit

Helen asks…

What are the pros and cons of buying a motor for a bicycle?

I’m 14 and am thinking about getting a summer job. I have a mountain bike, and want to be able to get to work without freakin’ pedaling everywhere. I am looking at a 80cc (66cc) bike kit that I want to put on my bike. What are the pros of a bike motor, and what are the cons (weather, reliability)

Ed answers:

Gas motors on bicycles are called mopeds! There are reasons mopeds and motorcycles are built the way they are and not like a standard bike.

Pros to gas bike motor: None.
Fire hazard
Gasoline fumes which are a known carcinogen or cancer causing agent
Extra weight when the motor dies or you run out of gas
Depending on where you live they might be illegal

If you must have a motor other than yourself, buy an electric assist bicycle. They’ll help you start from a standstill and get you to a comfortable cruising speed without too much sweat.

George asks…

I have a motorized bicycle kit– which bike should I put it on?

I’m having a hard time deciding!!

Should I put it on a beach cruiser, or a mountain bike?

either something like this:

or something like this:

FYI, a motor kit is a gas-powered motor that makes a bike move on it’s on. Check out the site to see examples of it ON a bike. (Maybe that’ll help you decide)

Ed answers:

In my opinion, unless the mountain bike has some kind of suspension system, it should depend on the kind of tires you’re using. If the beach cruiser is using a high volume, low pressure style tire, I would put it on the beach cruiser. This would make for a way smoother ride than on the mountain bike, and give you way better traction, which is a big big plus for higher speeds. A treaded mountain bike tire would actually give you less traction, because there is less surface area of the tire touchng the ground. This is all assuming that you aren’t going to be taking it off road, by the way.
Hope this helps!

Lizzie asks…

what are some of the best bikes to put a bike motor on a bicycle?

i have a kit but i need a bike everyone is saying a beach crusier works best but i dont like the looks of them. and a guy told me that all of the cables on mountain bikes get in the way of the throtal

Ed answers:

The best bike to use is a Schwinn Skyliner, plenty of room for the motor and the frames are strong.

Sharon asks…

how do you choose a motor for a bicycle?

ive always wanted a scooter but there so dang expensive, then i saw the bike motor kits on ebay for only 114 bucks. i saw ones that range from 40cc to 80cc i still dont really know how to choose from those two, and many other motors which are are under 160 bucks. i was thinking of getting one of them but i dont know which one to choose. Which one should i get for a mountain bike, and which one is easy to install and what should i look for, please just steer me in the right direction?

Ed answers:

Before you go any further, consult local law enforcement to find out if they’re legal to ride in your area. It would be a shame to spend the money then find out you can’t use it.

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