8 thoughts on “2012 Yuba elMundo Electric Bike Review

  1. Thank you for this review as I was considering buying one. Is there a Cargo
    Electric bike that you give high reviews on, that you recommend? Thanks

  2. That’s why I take video, sometimes things get missed 😉 thanks for the
    callout and comments on the battery technology. I’ll be demoing the new
    BionX based el Mundo today and hopefully get a review out soon.

  3. Wow, have you checked out Thrust Electric bikes.. I would Love to see you
    review them. Looks to be great for cargo and or a small delivery business
    and eco to boot!. Thanks again!

  4. Yeah! I have tried the new Yuba Boda Boda (search the site or here on
    YouTube for the review) and it’s way better. I have not tried the new
    elMundo with BionX but I bet it’s better too since it uses the new drive

  5. Glad it helped you. I like the Juiced Riders cargo bike. Visit
    ElectricBikeReview and it’s actually posted on the homepage right now 🙂

  6. You didn’t mention the disk brake that your video clearly shows on the rear
    wheel. Also battery range is a function of voltage / amp hours. The LiPo
    vs. LiIon is more about charging cycles and llifetime longevity of the

  7. You apparently don’t have any real experience with the ElMundo. I really
    suggest you check in with experienced riders before reviewing these bikes.
    It’s the best deal on the market. I’ve had the Elmundo for over a year and
    it is a gem. We have massive hills that I often carry two kids and cargo
    over almost every day. The problems you are complaining about are simply
    non-issues (except Yuba’s sometimes lousy shipping). Brakes are great,
    motor beyond my expectations, and it handles great.

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