24 thoughts on “25+MPH Brushless Electric Bike converted from a cheap $80 Walmart one

  1. @hobbypartz i acutally use all of your rc electronics on an electric bike
    of mine. your exceed monsterpower 46 motor and blue lipo batteries. all i
    can sayis that it hauls ass.

  2. the battery and the controller in that bag are very unsafe. Better to build
    a wood frame to put into the bike frame as I did on my electric bicycle.
    You can check it on my channel and website.

  3. I don’t think an E-bike would replace my car. To me it is just a
    transportation alternative. Living in Southern Cal most of days are good
    for riding a E-bike instead of using a car. I use my E-bike for riding 11
    miles to work and light shopping. Right now gas is cheap, but I remember a
    year ago in Dec. it was almost $5.

  4. We bought the conversion online for about $250. It came with everything
    that you need to do the conversion. We used our own batteries to power it.

  5. Unless coverage is this bike? have batteries? far volt electrical system? I
    see that the weight of you and I is like asking why How much was the motor
    and batteries? You can buy at cheaper engine? My gg 13597102 but you unless
    you use msn so? In my country, they are set to konwersjii and bikes but I’m
    curious about you money my e mail konto.online@interia.eu

  6. i think conversions are way overpriced. hub motors shall be priced around
    $40 and esc and all that shall be $60 and every thing else $10. batteries
    check dump yard. i see $2500 bikes selling but motorbikes are sometimes
    $1500 how ridiculous. i’d prefer a motorcycle over electric bike, they dont
    use much gas.

  7. alright 80 bucks for the bike, what is the cost of the electronics and
    machining. Good idea, but I would love more info

  8. these aren’t that expensive, but $1500 for a car? here you can get a shit
    worn out car for around the same, but car insurance for a 17-20 year old is
    £2500-3500 (almost $4000). I bought an ebike kit for around £240 ( $300 I

  9. No seriously, as someone that is saving up money for a car because mine
    blew up, but was looking for an electric alternative until I have funds to
    get a car, I saw these, and their price tag. Seriously? Are they INSANE? If
    you’re riding a bike, 95% likely you don’t have money. Secondly. I’m
    looking to buy a CAR for $1500(taxes etc are going to make it more), but
    seriously? Are these people insane on their prices?! Something only
    hobbyists and uber rich(already have MULTIPLE cars) can afford!

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