9 thoughts on “26 inch 48V 1000W hub motor rear wheel – electric bike conversion kit “full speed”

  1. נצילות מנוע נמוכה אפשר להגיע לאותה מהירות גם במנוע 800w

  2. The 1000watt output might be the motor’s output, but it is not the true
    crank output. !000watts should bring the top speed above 32 mph.

  3. 34 miles per hour is real life speed provided you give it 25 amps. 15
    amphour battery 48 volts gives you around 25 miles on full throttle (for
    lazy fat ass) and 50-70 if you actually pedal ( you need to have gear ratio
    53-11 to keep up with the speed)

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