8 thoughts on “5 minute e-bike kit installation by leed bicycle solutions, llc

  1. 24 VOLT 250 WATT? Why does all your kits like this? No power. At least give
    us some 36volts and 48volts 500 watts 750watt kits. Why sell only one weak
    azz kit?

  2. Hello
    What is the necessary level air pressure for your tires when inflating the
    what is a good psi level.
    I have long commutes to places like too and from work everyday.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. The Hill Topper is offered by Clean Republic. This kit seen here is from
    Leed. Both companies use the 8Fun motor. Leed offers batteries from AllCell
    Technologies, Panasonic, & Samsung. The capacity of the Panasonic allows
    the rider to achieve greater distances. Both company’s kits are unique, yet
    similar in simplicity. Clean Republic has supplied Leed with motors and
    wheel sets when they have been sold out. Apart from that, both companies
    offer different price points and products.

  4. There are three versions of the kit available for purchase with distance
    appropriate names dependent on the capacity of the batteries: 10k, 30k, &
    ultra marathon. They are available on Kickstarter until May 20, 2013. The 5
    minute e-bike kit starts at $449 & free shipping with a special waterproof
    frame bag for the battery kit. Please go to the websites in the description
    above for purchase.

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