6000 watt 48 volt Cyclone electric ebike kit with High Speed high Torque in Athens

Cyclone 6000 watt electric ebike kit with Max speed near Acropolis Athens with cycle Analyst v3 A quick ride with my Cyclone electric bike Kit 6000 Watt – 6k…
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8 thoughts on “6000 watt 48 volt Cyclone electric ebike kit with High Speed high Torque in Athens

  1. Cycle analyst V.3 is connected with a molded shunt resistor with the
    batteries cables that end up to cyclone controller. Cyclone controller dont
    have a cycle analyst plug. There are too many watt meters in the market.
    Also if cycle analyst is connected to controller it can show different
    The wh/km at speeds of 50km cannot calculated exactly because the 6000 watt
    motor of cyclone when you touch the throttle gives too high power so in a
    flat road you can open and close the throttle.

  2. i didn’t heard the sound of the motor! is it more silent than the 3000w
    kit? and what about the 8000w, will you make a video of it? thank yuo!

  3. Reckless driving and not even wearing a helmet! I’m afraid you won’t be
    enjoying your ebike too long like this… :-(

  4. cool, But in Spain that is imposible for the Police 🙁 In the city you
    ride olnly 2 minutes and you are stoped for the police with that monster
    bike haha 🙁 

  5. Hi George, you did not check the temperature of this engine at peak loads?
    Now it remains for small, make a video at 8000 watts))

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