7 thoughts on “Bafang 8FUN Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation

  1. I have one of these motors mounted on a mountain bike. I tried a very steep
    slope and the motor just stopped working. Now when I move the accelerator,
    I hear a faint click and nothing more. The controller screen is on but no
    indication that something is wrong. Is there a security system on that
    motor, a fuse or something I need to change? It happen before when the
    motor was having a hard time but after few second, it worked again. This
    time, it is for good and need repair but I have no clue what to do (beside
    putting it apart and investigate myself). Does someone know what to do?

  2. Great video – just a recommendation to improve your audio and get rid of
    that annoying digital audio noise that’s present in the voice overs. Check
    out Audacity (free open source software) and search how to do noise
    removal. It takes about 2-3 minutes and will fix your audio up so it’s
    easier to listen to!

  3. where does one find longer cables for this? ie the brake, throttle and
    other cables are to short and I can’t seem to find anywhere to get
    extension cables for it to make them longer?

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