5 thoughts on “Big Swingin’ Cycles’ Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kits

  1. Brian, Nice video, very bad choice of bike to show the bionx system on.
    The installation at best is a 3.5 out of 10. You have snag hazards all
    over the bike.
    1. On the down tube the cable is sticking out like it’s pregnant. Use
    more sticking cable holders to keep in tight.
    2. Cables leading to the motor, looks like the back of a double hump
    camel. again a snag hazard. Take the cable and wrap it around the frame a
    couple of times and make sure they are far enough down to use the wrap
    supplied to cover it. That will tighten both cables and make it look more
    3. Meter and Brake senor, the cables are all over the place. Use small
    tie wraps or S hooks to secure to brake cable and or shifting cables.
    4. Please DON”T use wire cutters on tie warps. Go down to Lowe’s go the
    electrical section and buy a couple of flush cutters. They are made to cut
    the tie wrap flush with the connector( no plastic knife blades to cut your
    customers). To date i have not seen one installer use flush cutter every
    video I have seen shows installers using wire cutters and leaving a nice
    little plastic edge to cut yourself on.

  2. Nice video. I taught at St Andrews College, Aurora back in 1981 for a short
    while. Brings back some nice memories.

  3. I can only agree with previ26…Thank-you. My wife and I are now looking
    for a local dealer. We’re located about 45 minutes from Aurora

  4. Bionx is in Aurora? That’s two minutes from my house. I never knew that.
    I’m looking for a dealer everywhere.

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