3 thoughts on “BionX Electric Bike Conversion Kits at Interbike

  1. The other two things I don’t like about it are the tiny throttle and the
    very large hub. [sigh] At least I can quickly pass by people without them
    noticing the hub.

  2. I have the 36v, 10A-h kit on my bike. The things I like about this kit are
    the 4 levels of Assist, 4 levels of Generative Braking, and silence of the
    motor. Motor silence is great! I ride by pedestrians and other riders
    without drawing attention to myself. What I don’t like about it is the
    unsprung weight makes for a ride that’s not cushy. The whole thing is heavy
    and unbalanced too. Also, because it is a hub motor, the battery drains
    down faster on very hilly rides.

  3. Good information but the reporter needed to stop trying to be funny/clever
    and let the information be shared. The lady had a hoarse voice and just
    wanted to share her product info. Be quieter next time.

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