BionX S-350 Video Review – Quiet, Light Weight Electric Bike Kit With Regen The BionX S 350 electric bike kit was built onto a Catrike three wheeled recumbent bicycle for this video review and is shown with the DX battery…
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5 thoughts on “BionX S-350 Video Review – Quiet, Light Weight Electric Bike Kit With Regen

  1. I enjoy watching your reviews..I have a Terra Trike Rambler 24 speed. I
    equipped it with a Golden Motor 1000 watt 29″ wheel kit powered by a 48
    volt battery. The kit came with throttle control with cruise control. Due
    to neurological damage I no longer drive and this Etrike and my Ebike keep
    me mobile. My Terra Trike is not very stable going around corners
    otherwise I enjoy my Terra Trike. I even attach an InStep trailer and take
    the dog on rides.

  2. Sorry but i thought id point out something…i heard the spokes “ping” as
    you were driving..either they were loose or just not strong enough…

  3. I have two additional comments. and one question 1) I love the shave club
    advertisement prior to the video, very funny. 2) I have a Golden Motors
    29″ 1000 watt gearless rear hub motor and it keeps breaking spokes. I
    believe it is because the kit is a lower priced kit and the spokes are too
    long. I have a 26″ kit and it does not breaks spokes. When are you doing
    a review on Golden Motors. Good morning.

  4. I’m back into my ‘decision’ stage, between the “Bafang-8fun” mid-drive, and
    the “BionX S 350 DL” do you have ANY suggestions or ideas that may help? I
    like good customer service, and I know “BionX” is sorely lacking in that
    department, still I know “BionX” has ‘regenerative braking’ and “Bafang”
    does’nt. I also have many steep hills where I live. Any theories, ideas, or
    opinions? Help!

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