BMW Electric Conversion

Electric Motor Werks converting pre-production prototype. This video demonstrates the key features and techniques of the electric conversion process.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 thoughts on “BMW Electric Conversion

  1. This is an all electric system? Good Job BTW…
    What was the estimated run time and approx city mileage? or was there an

  2. we distributed the batteries between front, spare tire space and gas tank
    space and managed to keep the 50/50 weight distribution. total additional
    weight ~200lb

  3. Did it make the car front heavy putting all the batteries in the engine
    bay? Why not mount them under the back seat?

  4. youtube said “you know video is shaky, wanna fix” I said “yeah why not”. So
    all that was static started shaking now 🙂

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