Can the Hill Topper Actually Top Hills? – Clean Republic Electric Bike Kit Hill Test

Full review of the Clean Republic Hill Topper at in this video I test the Leed bike kit (that uses …
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9 thoughts on “Can the Hill Topper Actually Top Hills? – Clean Republic Electric Bike Kit Hill Test

  1. Look at the clouds shift between 2:56-2:57 it make you realize that we live
    in a truly artistic and ever changing world just at different speeds.
    People don’t realize but the ‘paradise’ is actually what we live in already
    depending how we look at it. Thanks for the video!

  2. Hi, nice little experiment! I’m thinking of getting a Hill Topper to help
    with my commute to work and I was wondering, does the motor cause any
    noticeable drag when off?

  3. Thanks for making this video. The more I research this idea of getting a
    hill topper, the more it puts me on the fence. Paralysis by Analysis I
    guess. Question, this thing says it has a top speed of 15mph but does it
    actually continue to assist past that? Say for example, I’m capable of
    sustaining a 20mph by pedaling on flat for many miles, would the addition
    of this, perhaps help me reach and sustain 25mph with the same pedal
    effort? Or does the motor simply have a max rpm and spins out, or worse,
    adds drag… This factor is huge in helping me determine if it will fit my
    needs or not. 

  4. I’ve had a HillTopper with 2-pound (10-mile) LiOn battery for ~6 months,
    added to my 2nd-hand Mongoose Sinsure (a single-speed, steel-frame Walmart
    bike, but the nice thing is that it has 110-psi 700c tires, so the rolling
    resistance is very low). The HT’s result is that all of my rides become
    like riding on flat ground, which is not a challenging task. You don’t
    have to pedal up slight grades, but you’ll find that you most do, just
    because it feels better to do so. You obviously can use it to ‘motor’ you
    along on flat ground, but there again, why? Never pedaling on flat ground
    – – you might as well get a moped; I know you can get one of those used for
    well under $1K. Bottom line, I’m very happy with my HT. I’ve enabled
    myself to become a bike rider again for the very do-able cost of a $500
    assist device.

  5. What type of battery is that. Can you make a video showing the types of
    battery companies you can use this kit with.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I’ve just ordered 8fun 250w with 36v battery and
    main concern was hill climbing but I wanted something lightweight where I
    would still pedal. Great tests. I’m curious what range will be like if I’m
    only using throttle on inclines. Will on/off action reduce range? Soon find
    out I suppose!

  7. What a great set of tests to show the capability of this kind of kit. I
    thought it was extremely helpful. It seems that this setup fits people who
    want to add power to their pedaling instead of just sitting back and
    letting the motor do the work. I’m starting to think I’d be better off
    with less power to keep it active. Your different tests were very helpful!

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