20 thoughts on “Clean Republic Hill Topper Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

  1. I weighed 284 when I bought mine. In 4 months, I am now 256. It is no
    hotrod, it isn’t meant to be. It helps you. ‘Nuff said. Top speed for me is
    14 if I just sit there, almost 20 if I do my best. I can go farther and
    faster with it, exactly what it is FOR. It’s a bit tanklike pedalling
    alone, but not so bad really. I love mine. The hills I used to use as
    excuses no longer scare me and I now have a normal bike I am starting to
    ride again now that I am ABLE to.

  2. Any heavier riders have experience with this kit? I weigh 240lbs and can
    handle the flats really well but the hills really kill me. I’m wondering if
    this kit will assist and what range I can expect out of it. Thanks!

  3. I been researching those kits in the last few days. I been wondering.
    What’s the whole difference of experience having a 36 or 48v systems
    compared to the 24v? I was looking at the 1000w 48v kits. They have it for
    about $260 on ebay, but does not come with batteries. I been trying to
    research what batteries to buy for it. Cause it does not say. Plus I can
    see that more volts it is, the more expensive that batteries are. (Gotta
    buy several 12v batts), they are NOT cheap either, plus they get heavy. I
    seen the Currie brand 12v sealed ones for about $25 each on Ebay. Does that
    sound right?? Not only all this, I’m afraid of the laws in my town. Don’t
    need problems there! But anyway, I was thinking the 36v system, since the
    batteries “appear” to be cheaper. BUT ACTUALLY what’s MORE IMPORTANT to me
    in my opinion is RANGE, not power! I don’t care about the power (me
    anyway), if anything it can actually be an advantage NOT to “replace”
    pedaling entirely, in terms of getting EXERCISE!

    So all in all, I assume that the higher voltage = more power??? I have
    seen 250 watts with 36v or 48v. Does not make sense to me? Confuses me. 

  4. Hi I would like to put this kitt on a tandem bike do you think I will be
    strong enough ,and sins I,m living on Bonaire Dutch carebean were it looks
    like I always have head wind I wonder please advise greetings alex

  5. Hey man its been a year since this video, if your tired of the system you
    got and want to upgrade I had my electric kit bike ripped off from the
    Frost Bank building downtown a while back. Wana sell your kit for part of
    what you got into it? I wana put it on my old steel bike “Matilda”.

  6. I got this kit. Love it. Wish it was more powerful but for the hills I got
    in my area. It drains my battery quickly. Unfortunately I have that heavy
    battery. Can’t wait to get some money together to get the lighter battery.

  7. Good question, I think it has a basic controller to keep the battery from
    burning out but it doesn’t have variable speed. You just push the button
    down and it goes. The kit is super simple but the company is very friendly,
    you could reach out directly for more information and they would respond.
    If you do, please post back here so we can all know 😀

  8. I tried to make something kind of cool with this kit. I agree that it feels
    like a lot to spend but with the right setup it can definitely become
    “affordable”. I personally ride my $2,300 ebike to work each day and get to
    park it for free in a covered garage. Normally, I would fill my car with
    gas every two weeks which would cost $45 and parking on site is $10 per
    day. So my payback period is about 7 months including electricity which is
    $0.20 per charge. And it’s fun, healthy and sustainable.

  9. From their faq: “Yes, the Hill Topper motor wheel will work with nearly all
    bicycle tires. Each Hill Topper is sent with a tire and tube that can be
    easily removed and replaced with nearly any tire and tube of your choosing.
    Simply remove the tire and tube from the rim (metal part of the wheel) and
    replace it with your own tire. The Hill Topper wheel will work with tires
    that are at minimum 0.9″ (23mm) and a maximum of 2.5″ (64mm)” You can order
    24″, 26″, and 700C wheels

  10. I’ve had a Clean Republic kit for about a year and half now. No problems so
    far with the hub motor (bafang) though my SLA battery gave out after 7
    months or so.Get a lithium kit the batteries last longer.The SLA battery is
    too heavy too..I obtained a different battery from Ping Battery and just
    wired it to the controller (pretty easy to do).

  11. It looks like you took the break off your front tire. I was curious if you
    had issues getting the kit to work with your bike’s existing breaks.

  12. Thanks dude; I think I’m gunna get the same one. Do you think it was worth
    the extra hundred bucks to get the lighter battery?

  13. You ordered a disc brake option …Is the rim machined for rim brakes in
    case the disc is incompatable? How is the reliability of this hub. Compared
    to e-bikes that you have tested how does this compare?

  14. I grinded down the little notched washer piece they provide with the kit,
    rather than the bike. I see no reason to fiddle with the bike rather than a
    $2.00 piece of hardware.

  15. Hey man! Yeah, I definitely think the extra $100 is way worth the weight
    savings (2lbs vs. 11lbs), plus you get a better battery (lithium) that will
    last for more charge cycles. Check out the review linked in the video
    descriptions, I go through the different options, weight etc. and be sure
    to measure your drop outs to make sure they are wide enough!

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