Den Atelier: First Aid Kit – Atelier awash with harmonies

Den Atelier: First Aid Kit – Atelier awash with harmonies
The Irish trio comprising of electric and acoustic guitar as well as keyboard, were a fitting support with their well-worked harmonies and nice interplay between the electric and acoustic guitars. You could also hear real influences from the likes of …
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Should rock musicians embrace electronic music?
In 1965 Bob Dylan performed at the Newport Folk Festival with an electric guitar. The messianic figure of the folk generation was … and there's good and bad to all of it. Whether it was made on a laptop or a drum kit or a flute, it's all music, and …
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5 Wacky Things About Batman: Arkham Knight
But even if you could explain that away with an extremely sophisticated target recognition system, you can't do the same with how you can run criminals over without killing them (that electric stun system might as well be shocking corpses as they fly …
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