DIY: 48v 24ah lithium ion 18650 e-bike battery pack

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15 thoughts on “DIY: 48v 24ah lithium ion 18650 e-bike battery pack

  1. 0:14 kitty approves of the new package!!!..
    2:14 guess how long it took me to git it event this far, two fucking
    3:56 and one I have theses all taped up… use gaffers tape of aluminum
    tape(my favorite)… it will last much longer that the tape you used.
    5:30… enter Thors soldering iron, only the might may wield this tool of
    the Gods.
    8:35 key music and ride….

    wow, I really enjoyed watching that. thank you for sharing that

  2. they are not 4.2v per cell (I think you correct yourself when charging),
    and it is a really bad idea to join cells from different batches. their
    parameters fluctuate from batch to batch, and you end up with a
    self-discharging pack.

  3. Can you please tell me the “exact” batterypack from wich these cells came
    from? Like the laptop model or at least battery serial number? These cells
    are rare high drain (rated 15C @ 2100 mAh) batteries wich arent for sale
    anymore but i need some of these specific cells so i would higly appreciate
    that information :)

  4. Any chance u wanna build one of those packs for me? If so name ur price…
    Thanks for the videos. They have helped me a great deal when I was buying
    my kit and batteries. But now I’m looking for a distance pack…

  5. I love your videos I have a suggested project for you because I can’t find
    a good one online and I know you would do a good one. Can you do a video on
    the difference between using a 18650 PCB board and when you don’t use one.
    And what The pros and cons of using one would be. Thanks and keep up the
    good work

  6. Hello there!, i’ve been watching your videos for quite a long time now, and
    you inspired me to make some projects on my own, recently i acquired 12
    Li-Ion cells from laptop batteries, they work fine, i made a USB charger
    for my cellphone using 2 packs in paralel of 2 cell in series and it works
    fine! but my Question is: How can i charge them without a special charger
    like yours (B6 imax charger)… I tried to charge them all in series
    (gathered 12 v or so) and connected them directly to a 12v power supply at
    500 mA… it did charge the batteries, but it took quite a long time to
    return to their normal voltage, is this the right way to go? should i
    charge the cells individually with a 5v power supply at 500mA, or 1A? I
    would thank you very much for your response! I hope you are doing well in
    silicon valley.. greetings from Mexico!

  7. I have an ignorant question. I heard a rumor that rechargeable batteries
    should drain all the way empty before recharging, and so that’s what i’ve
    been doing.

    Am I being silly? Thanks for making interesting stuff on youtube.

  8. Matr that is NOT the way to work with lithium ion cells. You shouldnt
    combine so many batteries with similar yet still different specs like that.
    Especially combining used ones with new ones.

  9. Hi when putting on balance leads on this battery you are making where do
    you put them?? Is it 1 on negative and 6 on positive???? or is it 1 on
    positive and 6 on negative????? 

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