18 thoughts on “DIY 55$ 24AH Lithium-Ion 18650 E-Bike battery 100+ Mile Range: complete build

  1. I’m a first time viewer and really appreciate all the hard work you’re
    putting into this project. Getting around the lower quality cells as you’ve
    done is just impressive. My first electric bike had the 36V sealed lead
    acid battery pack and I had it mounted on the back above the rear tire. My
    hope is to get those cells down lower, I used a cheap Chinese bicycle so
    it’s very wobbly. I also like your DMM. I have a bunch of Fluke meters but
    I realize they could use larger numbers after seeing your meter. Thanks

  2. now this guy is a hacker for sure! Hey by the way how many amps can you
    safely draw from one pack? What would you think of making a few of these
    for an electric vehicle? 

  3. Hello Rinoa Super-Genius.
    Thanks for your videos, they are great!
    I would like to build a battery for this monster:
    48v should be enough. Unfortunately max battery I could build would have
    about 50Ah.
    Do you think, that laptop batteries could handle it?
    I’m afraid, that when I would try to run this motor for few minutes on full
    power, batteries could overheat. What do you think?

  4. awesome video. I’m going build a 250w rear wheel drive bike but I want the
    smallest controller possibe and since i have access to an industrial sized
    3d printer i can “hide the components in the frame of the bike to give it
    a cleaner look. Would you mind collaborating with me and i could make you
    an enclosure or something for your time?

  5. Im totally going to do this with an electric skateboard, probably a bike
    first. I found some battery cells on a distribution website. probably gonna
    buy. I want to go lipo i know they are “quicker”. What are your thoughts,
    or do you recommend ion, im looking for the most power and in a 30-40 mile
    range. How many do you need as many batteries with newer batteries, and all
    of them are in the 3.5 volt, i know ions have a higher amp per hour. what
    are your thoughts. I think i could build a pack using your video. And my
    dads volt meter.

  6. I have a question.
    I saw a guide for a DIY battery repack for ebike, he used a BMS “Battery
    management system” and attached into the pack.
    Is that only so he can charge the pack using an ordinary powersupply?

    As what I know Imax B6 has the same BMS inside, so If i will use it for
    charging I dont need to attached BMS into the pack right? I am having a
    hard time finding one for 36V.

    BTW I want to power an Escoot 1000W 36V… I dont know how many ampere, or
    I just connect what can fit inside the pack providing that I have
    32-42V(full charge) output?.. I am still planning to buy that scoot

    To be exact, the model is Uberscoot 1000W.


  7. Hello. I just purchased 13 6-cell laptop batteries for my e-bike lith-ion
    conversion. Is there any reason you use the bench dc power supply to bring
    up the voltage to 3.5 instead of using imax b6?

  8. Great project with a lot of thought behind it. Good luck in silicon
    valley! I’m sure you will be doing some great things in the future!

  9. one stupid question ….with the balancing port you balance EACH series
    with each others….but, how can you “balance” the overall battery
    discharge voltage if( for example) a batch of series is WEAKER than another

    excuse me i don’t understand. i understand simple balancing on 3s, 5s, 6 s
    batteries but in this case each battery is “voltage cheched”…..but in yur
    build 1 battery is equal = to 13 batteries in series) …….and how can
    you balance these 13 batteries?

  10. They have 2000mah 3.7 lithium’s ion battery on RadioShack is it possible to
    make 48v out of this batteries? And do I just need 13 batteries to build
    the 48v that I needed for my 1000w electric bike

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