DIY Dynamo self-charging electric bike.

The new Eco-booster Handbuilt electric bike using “modified dynamo”. Needs 0% charging at wall socket. Eco friendly mode of transport. To build your own go to;…
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8 thoughts on “DIY Dynamo self-charging electric bike.

  1. My new handbuilt dynamo/solar electric bike, charges itself using modified
    dynamo/generator giving 40+volts. Most eco-friendly bike.

  2. Very well done, you know the frame reminds me of the wildcat bikes. I don’t
    know if you remember them, they were kids bikes and popular around the late
    80s. They made noises and had black plastic around the frame and this box
    thing on the front handle bars which was nearly always broken on every bike.
    How much resistance does the dynamo add? Also thought about ditching the
    solar and adding another dynamo on the front? Or would that be over kill?
    Is the motor simply on/off or does it have a gradient? I would love a kit
    or something to convert a normal bike to something like this. Ever thought
    about making a kit? Going to watch your long clip on how to make one. I
    would love to make one and am very tempted to do so. Only big gripe is
    around my part of London bike theft is rife, it would be great to add an
    electrocution seat as security!

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