23 thoughts on “DIY electric bicycle races motorcycles on Laguna Seca! Ebike Liveforphysics!

  1. your main problem could be tires, i guess. bicycle tires not made for such
    speed 😉 you have to use motorcycle wheels?

  2. So you are not supposed to pass on the first lap, but you do anyway. Will
    you be banned from the track when they see this?

  3. Dude, I just purchased and installed BionX electric bike kit onto my TREK
    7100 Hybrid for my commute to work, but what you did just looks like too
    much fun! Awesome!

  4. fantastic! well done! I would have loved to have been at your place 😉 I
    am sure that after 10 laps you could have done 10″ less!

  5. pretty cool. I always say electric bikes don’t need to be built so heavy.
    you may want tuffwheels on it though for a bit more strength at high speed.
    and some aerodynamic bodywork will make a huge difference at the top.
    what’s the current top speed? is it voltage limited?

  6. Lol @ the guy in the begening saying he will try not to run you over I
    wonder what that setup would do on a light carbinfiber bycicle lol

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