21 thoughts on “DIY: Electric Bicycle

  1. hi, guys, I live in China, we could buy motor and controler and all the
    stuff .update the normal bike to electric bike. it cost 100$ to do it,
    except the battary. I know ebay have these stuffs to sell. you could try
    them. but I don’t know how much in ebay. maybe a little expensive.

  2. Not what I would do, but for a DIY build it’s awesome (I’m sure you learned
    a lot). I’m in the middle of building a mid-drive deathbike, 30kW, yes,

  3. I’m just letting you know in case you don’t know so you don’t burn parts of
    your body off. No need to be rude, take constructive criticism and learn. 

  4. Hahahahaha I was just thinking, look at what he’s doing to his mom’s bike,
    no wonder he’s doing it in the dark, she must be asleep, this was my
    thinking seeing the start of this video.
    On a serious note,,front wheel drive bikes have been known to be dangerous,
    specially bikes that are not made for it, the front forks gain all the
    stress on the bottom part of the bearing housing, weight plus jerking
    cracks them, their are company’s that sell the front wheel setups but they
    need a warning with them of that problem.

  5. Although sulfuric acid (Battery Acid) is non-flammable, contact with metals
    in the event of a spillage can lead to the liberation of hydrogen gas. The
    dispersal of acid aerosols and gaseous sulfur dioxide is an additional
    hazard of fires involving sulfuric acid. It is flammable at any

  6. the motor controller isnt set up to have regenerative breaking.
    regenerative breaking would be a bad feature in this case. ya see if i
    start pulling a load off the motor it would slow me down. thus i would have
    to engage the motor again to get going. and the motion -> electricity ->
    motion efficiency is terrible. but i do plan on testing it to see if i
    could use it as a break and not always on. i’d imagine it’d put out 1/2 the
    volts i’;d have to put in to get it to said speed. thanks though!

  7. yeah Batteries are awesome. wanna know something? in about 5 minutes i’ll
    have the batteries finally finished, been working on them for like a month
    and a half. you have good timing with your comment 😛

  8. thanks! thats the theme music from Short Circuit. that 80’s movie with
    Johny 5 in it. and the version of my bike shown in this video didnt fare to
    well. but my latter version is going nicely, just working on battery now.
    😀 btw it means a lot to get such a nice compliment. i hope you build an
    electric bike 😀

  9. Probably would run faster if the electric motor was placed closer to the
    center of the wheel to make use of rpms. This could be done using chains
    and gears.

  10. and as for the range, if my calculations are correct (with proper gearing
    ratio) i should be able to go at about 18-22 mph (with me casually
    peddling) for about 30-50 minutes. so my range is close to 10 miles there
    and back. but that would be if i ran it all the time. thanks for the
    interest in my project ^^

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