E-bike with Cyclone 500W motor kit and NuVinci variator in action – 42km/h on flat!

E-bike with Cyclone 500W motor kit and NuVinci variator in action - 42km/h on flat!

Powerful e-bike kit in action – Vilnius, Lithuania. Motor – Cyclone 500 Watt; Battery – LiFePO4 24V 20Ah; Gears – NuVinci, internal gear hub; 16.03.2009 (c) …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 thoughts on “E-bike with Cyclone 500W motor kit and NuVinci variator in action – 42km/h on flat!

  1. Acceleration. is a bit too slow to be riding on heavily populated streets
    for my liking. A 1200 watt cyclone kit with 48 volt Lipos would be better.I
    prefer the added power if you encounter an instance where it’s needed.
    Still, even a 500 watt Cyclone kit is great value and pretty fast. Thanks
    for the video.

  2. i have the 720w cyclone kit and get 36mph with pedal assist using lead
    acids but that caned the battery so now movin over to lifepo4 good vid !
    does anyone know where i can get cycle analyst from in uk ?? please need
    advice and how to fit to my bike

  3. I’m interested to buy the kits too. But for LiFePO4 24V 10Ah which one is
    better, 500 W or 360 Watt? I just need speed 20-30km/h and range 10-20km
    w/o pedal. any advice? thanks

  4. @Pudersepp I’m 69 kg. To go 80km/h you might need at least 3-4 kW (depends
    on acceleration you want). And I doubt NuVinci will hold this kind of power.

  5. A simple throttle control on the handlebar, similar to a motorbike. Twist
    backwards abd away you go. You can go up through the gears just like a
    mororbike too. Battery life is greaty extended if you pedal off from a
    standstill then open the throttle.

  6. 2-*22.2v 6s 20-30c in series,,36v 500w front wheel hub (china) ,,so 48to
    49v going into my controller,,,would this blow it or would be ok,,,anyone’s
    help would be saving me some dosh which i dont have if i blow my unit doing

  7. did you get yours from rull.se ? mine does pretty much same speed , i have
    a 500W 36V 12A Electric bicycle 31.06 Mph = 50Km/h

  8. Very nice,it’s as fast as most people will need.Whats it like up hills?
    Pretty powerful with the gearing i reckon.I think i will get this kit,it
    seems to beat hub motors of a similar output.Oh and Pudersepp.as for going
    80kph,thats just madness.If you come off,you will die.In fact thats just
    the kind of stupidity liable to draw attention to ebikes,and get them
    banned for the rest of us.

  9. will this bike go up a steep hill without pedaling? also what speed? and
    what speed on the flat without pedaling? (I dont wanna swaet on the way to
    my office job!) Thanks, good video. Ger

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