7 thoughts on “eBike kit Installation Part 1

  1. im not raging on you but you should never use a cresent wrench “adjustable”
    on your tire nuts it rounds off the nuts after a few dozen times if you
    dont have tools its okay to do but really a full tool kit with sockets and
    wrenches is only like 85 dollars at walmart i bought mine and use it
    evertime i work on bikes thanks for the video

  2. yea you need a sharder removle tool or you can use really small needle nose
    pliers i found the best tool for taking out shrader valves is surgical
    pliers lol

  3. lol I love to read what people put as comments ,as well as the bad practice
    shown in the video I mean for f**ks sake ‘there are tools to screw the
    valve out’ why on earth would you want to take the valve core out to remove
    the innertube! and then the comment about do you need to take the brake pad
    out as you are deflating the tire first ! for a start its not a pad it’s a
    block and just release the cable from the v brake for crying out loud !
    rant over

  4. Nice video. Removing the brake cable is a little easier than removing the
    pad. But hey what ever works for you is fine. The rim that came with my kit
    was very weak and after a few months our poor roads bent it out of shape. I
    had to replace it with a steel one. Don’t forget to install a good head and
    tail light system.

  5. btw its much easier to unhook or loosen the brake cable instead of taking
    off your pad the pads generally have shims on them when you take them off
    and if you dont put the shims on in the same order they came off you get
    rubbing issues because the pad wont sit aginst the rim even if your brake
    cable has a cap on the end like it should you should really loosen the
    cable and let the brakes swing out this way you avoid misadjustment of ur
    pads plus it takes less time

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