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    Hill Topper Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit (SLA battery version), October 9, 2012
    This review is from: Electric Bike Kit / Electric Tricycle Kit Clean Republic Hill Topper, Lithium Battery Included 5 min Easy Installation Made in US

    [**Updates below**]
    Hill Topper Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit (SLA battery version)

    So I recently received the Hill Topper Kit with SLA (sealed-lead-acid) battery that I purchased direct from the website.

    Shipping and handling:
    Shipping took about one week. Box was a little banged up, but everything was intact.

    This is a 250 watt hub motor, the tire supplied seems like it’s a 26″ mountain bike tire. and the rim looks like a generic rim. I don’t have much knowledge about the quality of the wheel, but it looks pretty sturdy..I forgot to weigh the wheel but I think it was stated to be around 4 pounds.

    This kit states it can be installed quickly within 5 minutes. I believe that is true if you have a pretty generic bicycle with the correct clearance for the motor and dropout width. If there is a clearance issue, you’re going to have to do some modding; with washers/spacers and filing the dropout to create more clearance width. Unfortunately for me, my bike had slightly narrower dropout width so I filed each end until the axle fit snug. Furthermore, they offer a disc brake compatible wheel version. I ordered this option to fit with my Avid disc brakes, and it worked out great! Overall installation time could have been less if I had a better file (used a small multi-tool file). Took me about an hour to get everything setup ready to go. Although zip-ties are provided, I bought some velcro straps to secure the wires better.

    Battery (SLA battery):
    So I am speaking only for the Sealed-lead-acid battery. And it is pretty heavy at 10.4 pounds! I got this version instead of the lithium primarily because of the cost difference. At this current time, the SLA battery range [about 10 miles] and price point [$399 for entire standard kit] seemed to fit my purpose in the kit. Lithium battery range and lightweight advantages seemed to be just more convenience to me. The 2 buckle straps used to secure the battery to the top-tube seems a bit weak yet it does the job so far. I just purchased a rear rack and front basket so I will have more options to place the battery securely. In the future when I’m due for a battery replacement, I might switch to the lithium version (20 mile or 40 mile range options).

    Usage/First ride impressions:
    On my first ride around the neighborhood I was able to conquer all the hills where I would have to struggle up it. It makes climbing hills easy so you don’t have to sweat and gas out by the time you get up top (which is its primary purpose). On flat-ground I am able to go about 14-15 mph without pedaling. This is what the motor speed is limited to. You can pedal to go faster. As for how far I am able to do this I have not yet tested but from forum users I think it would be about 6-8 miles no pedaling. I’m not sure if this is just a powering up thing or if it is due to the SLA battery, but when I press the button for power, there is a ‘powering-up’ of the motor delay before I get any power to the wheel. I guess in car-talk terms, call it ‘turbo-lag’ feeling. In a way it’s a good thing for dead stops and accidentally pressing the throttle button. This kit is not intended to accelerate you quickly from a dead stop without pedaling, but it will help you accelerate much quicker while pedaling from a dead stop. The nice thing about this kit is if you run out of battery, the bike still works normally with minimal drag (if any due to the extra weight) because it is a freewheel.

    Charging is simple and seems like there is a specific sequence to charge correctly. 1. connect battery to charger 2. connect charger to AC outlet 3. turn battery switch to ON. 4. wait until charger charging light turns red to green. 5. turn battery switch OFF and disconnect everything. Haven’t depleted the battery yet, so not sure how long it takes to charge an empty battery.

    Future rides:
    My primary reason for this kit is to help me get to work quickly without having to exert too much energy or sweat by the time I get there. Being able to cruise at around 15 mph with minimal pedaling would be great in this case! Not having to find parking and also use up gasoline would also be some more advantages. As for durability of this kit I will find out! looks like the battery has an estimated life of 1-2 years at full usage.

    Other electric bicycles I have ridden:
    Sanyo eneloop electric bicycle. This bike was a pretty bike. It was pretty much a concept bike and had all the bells and whistles (Li-on battery, 250watt front hub motor, regenerative braking, fenders, rear rack, bell, front and rear lights, battery level indicator). I sold it because of a couple reasons; it stops assisting at 15 mph so going faster than that takes quite a bit of effort, it is hard to pedal the bike when it is off because of the regenerative motor (not freewheel like Hill topper), and…

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    Zach, September 25, 2011
    Z. Schwab “Zach” (Seattle, WA USA) –

    This review is from: Electric Bike Kit / Electric Tricycle Kit Clean Republic Hill Topper, Lithium Battery Included 5 min Easy Installation Made in US
    I want to reach out to all the big guys thinking about getting the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit. I weight in at 287 LB and the motor is powerful enough to pull me up all the hills on my commute. I used to have to get dropped off and picked up at the park and ride 5 days a week, but now I ride my bike saving gas and time and get all the exercise I need to lose the weight. I have been riding for 3 weeks and lost 5 pounds and would never have done this with Clean Republic amazing Hill Topper Kit giving me the boost I needed.
    P.S. Don’t buy from this seller it’s much cheaper from the Clean Republic site.

    Update 3/3/2012
    Hill topper still workers great! I’m down to 238lb and ride 40 miles a week. I’ll post a before and after pic once I get to my goal of 190 LB.


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