18 thoughts on “Electric Bicycle Kit Installation Video Using Panasonic Tube Battery

  1. wtf does she mean by “health benefits of riding a bike” its not benefiting
    if the machine does the work. i feel like a whole bunch of pretentious
    douches are going to buy this just to show off and look cool.

  2. Thank for the video. It will help me to install mine. I ride my bike all
    the time but for us that are getting older it helps to have a little help
    up those hills. :)

  3. That was cool bike I have bike and thank you for to see it I what you help
    me install it in mine bike so

  4. I want to get a kit like this but I also want a sort of old fashion bike
    with balloon tires can I get such a kit do you know ?

  5. Thank you for the vodeo. I think it´s very informative for beginners, who
    wants to convert the bike.
    BTW – the kits are very expensive!

  6. If there’s a self sustaining power source keeping the engine running for as
    long as the power source is running, how is it not perpetual motion? The
    minute you stop?

  7. Excellent video. Problem with most kits like this however, is that they
    cost almost as much as buying a brand new e bike with kit already installed.

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