14 thoughts on “Electric bike conversion kit assembly instructions – Part 1

  1. In the UK the motor isn’t enough for going up hills, you need the sensor to
    do pedal assist or motor will use up too much energy and eventually drain
    and cut out on the hil

  2. oes anyone know where I can buy just the hub itself? I don’t want a kit. I
    just want to buy one piece at a time. I am on a VERY tight budget for an
    electric bicycle kit. Like I said. I ONLY want the hub itself.

  3. Why did you say, “make sure you never let the battery discharge”, that is
    the partly the function of the battery, what did you really mean?

  4. You can connect as many batteries in parallel as you like. This will
    increase your capacity and hence your range. You must match the voltage
    correctly so keep it at 36V or at whatever you have on your bike currently.
    Regards, Matt

  5. @matattack2000 Sorry to ask but, where do you get the fuse mentioned at
    3:34 in the video? I am going to try to make a 48v 1000w 25ah ebike, can
    you recommend a fuse you know of to me?

  6. If you are installing a pedelec sensor, then you DEFINITELY DO need the
    brake levers with the motor cut out wires. Even if you don’t, it’s best to
    install them.

  7. 1000W divided by 48V gives about 20A. You’ll want about a 30Amp fuse, if
    you blow this then try upwards of increments of 5A until they don’t blow.
    You’ll be able to get a fuse holder and range of fuses at any electronic
    shop (Jaycar, Altronics, Dick Smith maybe). Wire this inbetween the
    positive wire between the battery and controller.

  8. Yes, it’s possible to have the motor come with bolts that can secure a disc
    to the hub. They can cause a bit of trouble on some forks though as the
    bolts protrude a little. Also, they don’t always work with every disc set –
    about 50% chance or working in my experience. I don’t have them come with
    these anymore as it just led me to receive complaints from people if it
    didn’t work. Best to convert to pads I find. Matt

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