Electric Bike Conversion Kit Problems

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Problems

I just bought a 24V 500W Front Hub conversion kit and it does not work. I wanted to give youtube information about these kits and at the same time ask for he…
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22 thoughts on “Electric Bike Conversion Kit Problems

  1. The ESC will only power the motor when it senses the wheel is turning.
    Almost all E-bikes requires you to at least be moving. Those were designed
    only as a “assist” and not to totally convert your bicycle to electric. It
    is also a safety feature as so that you don’t do any accidental runaway

  2. try do disconnect the brake cable maybe the safety switch is not working or

  3. Have you tried peddling first, while peddling use the throttle.
    Most electric bicycles don’t have a dead start.

  4. Today,after a month of waiting, a LeafBike kit arrived in the mail
    Everything is laid out on the shop floor. As soon as I saw those THREE
    wires for the motor, I remembered my 1st “China” BrushLess DC (BLDC) motor
    with the Hall Effect sensors; The motor didn’t activate upon throttle
    action UNTIL the motor was physicalyl turned a little bit ( turning by hand
    or, when on the bike ( in my case a push trailer for a Sun EZ-3 Trike.
    Pedal a bit and once moving, pushing throttle, motor worked. =^,^=

  5. Alec, how do you like your leafbike kit? I’m considering getting one too.
    What voltage/wattage did you go with and any feedback on real world range?
    Shoot me a message, would love to hear about it!

  6. The kit is working great. I should have bought the lipo batteries. the lead
    acid batteries are very heavy. Also i bought the 24v. You want 36V or 48V
    if you can afford it. Also try to get a bike with disk brakes if possible

  7. I checked with Richard Parker, he thinks you got to get another one. Did
    you hook the 24V up directly to the hub to see if its not the motor? Are
    you just Assuming? I just read that, I’m correct again. Don’t that suck
    being me?

  8. I have the same kit and it came with a front light that has a key in the
    back.I need to turn the key to on to start the bike.Did your kit come with
    that light?

  9. leather in the rim? Pointless wait and waste of good leather. Me and my
    guys always used electrical tape Lasts forever and sticks down 😛

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