13 thoughts on “Electric Bike Kit – Why “Clean Republic” brand is my favorite

  1. Hey Bike Peeps. When buying the kits please Get the lithium battery , the
    lead acid battery is terrible for the environment from start to finish .
    The lead has to be smelted , releasing harmful toxins , it can’t be
    recycled. The lithium lasts way longer, is faster and more environmentally
    sound. Thanks

  2. $700 for the kit. I still think your better off riding a really nice bike.
    but saying that I think the e-bike could be a stranded on a bike as a bell
    or light in 10 years from now..

  3. Because you are using a low powered system you can use a momentary switch.
    I am using a 1000w 48 volt system and with that amount of power a throttle
    is really needed.

  4. @HG916 Haha. Those are called step-throughs. Actually, these make a lot
    more sense than the cross bar if you’ve ever slipped off the pedals.

  5. OO nga naman Tol, Bakit gamit mo Girl’s Bike? Even the saddle has a flower
    design. But anyway, Great Riding tol!..Ung Clean Republic ba sell a 500 W
    or 1000W kit?

  6. Yes, this system has a momentary switch for a throttle. Most riders don’t
    ever regulate speed, meaning they full throttle even if they have a thumb
    throttle or a twist throttle. If you really want to regulate, you can get a
    cruise control and a twist combo throttle to regulate speed. You will need
    more complicated, mega wiring system. The beauty of this system is that it
    is so easy to install, and carry your battery.

  7. @alijoyism Lithium also has to be mined, smelted, releasing more harmful
    toxins, and can never be recycled.

  8. @mik3ymike Here is what Wikipedia has about it under the article Lead Acid
    Battery. “Lead–acid battery recycling is one of the most successful
    recycling programs in the world. In the United States 97% of all battery
    lead was recycled between 1997 and 2001.An effective pollution control
    system is a necessity to prevent lead emission. Continuous improvement in
    battery recycling plants and furnace designs is required to keep pace with
    emission standards for lead smelters.”

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