13 thoughts on “Electric Motor on Downhill Mountain Bike “ego-kits.com”

  1. how long does the battery last under conditions such as steep hills and
    trail riding? I hope you or anyone else who has experience with the kit
    might have an answer to this question.

  2. Hey thats a really cool kit.. I like how it sets up to the crank sprocket..
    Electric bikes are the way.. Its sweet to pedal and chill.. Then electric
    up a hill.. or even a quick thrill… i want one… 

  3. I don’t wear loose pants while riding and have found that the fact that
    their is always a chain on the outermost ring that it actually protects me
    from the teeth which are far more trouble than the chain 🙂

  4. Have you ridden your bike up grades steeper than 13%? How fast are you able
    to go up the steepest sections? How is the grunt at very low speeds (i.e.
    granny gear speeds like 2 mph or so). Thanks and enjoy the ride!!

  5. you can’t just post a video like this and not give us any updates 11 months
    later! come on man! lol. nice bike.

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