6 thoughts on “eZee Ebike Kit Test 36v Lithium

  1. You can expect a little resistance from the cogging effect if you have the
    power switched on but no throttle applied. With the power switched off at
    the battery you should not notice any marked resistance when you pedal.
    Check nothing is dragging (brakes, etc) if OK then check motor bearings and
    planetary gears. Most gears are nylon.

  2. Wouldnt it be great as you passed all the violent motorists that their
    engines cut out!!! “Bloody cyclists….hey..what the..”

  3. My hub motor is so hard to pedal,either with power on or off. It barely
    freewheels!. Is it just a shit brand i have? or should i change out the
    bearings maybe or something? Anyone know how to make it freewhell better?

  4. i have a 36v battery and controller but using a 200w motor, its only doing
    15mph atm. What do i do to speed it up to urs?

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