eZee Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

eZee Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

This is my video review for the eZee conversion kit I purchased from www.ebikes.ca. Very well designed and built kit and easy to install. This is in my opini…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 thoughts on “eZee Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

  1. why dont you get a hard tale bike the frame be much stronger then your
    crappy tire bike just fall apart

  2. didnt catch it if you mentioned in the video, but how far is the range of
    the battery with this set up?

  3. There’s a nest on one of the roof beams over my deck. They keep coming back
    to it. I don’t bother them at all, they just think I’m evil or something…

  4. i couldn’t install my front disc brakes. but i used ampedbikes hub motor
    which is bigger in diameter.

  5. The Cycle Analyst that can be added to the kit allows for a speed limit to
    be programmed in, so it shouldn’t be a big deal if you get the kit from

  6. @rogerL1961 for the love did you not watch the video it read 39.7 volts
    right on the lcd screen pay attention

  7. @drunkenp0t Disc brakes are nice to have, but you can probably get by with
    the regular ones. Discs are better suited for wet conditions, rubber brakes
    slip a lot more when they’re wet. I converted my bike to discs a long time
    ago, at least 4-5 years, and all the parts was around $200 so it wasn’t too
    bad. That was for the wheels, rotors, calipers, brake cables, and brake
    levers as well. If you think you definitely want disc brakes in the future,
    might as well look at a bike that comes with them.

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