First Test of 1000W Black Lightning 40 MPH Brushless Geared Hub Motor from Hi-Power Cycles

This is the first test of our 1000W BLACK LIGHTNING brushless, geared hub motor. THIS BIKE AS ALL OF OUR BIKES THAT GO OVER 20MPH can only be legally used OF…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 thoughts on “First Test of 1000W Black Lightning 40 MPH Brushless Geared Hub Motor from Hi-Power Cycles

  1. What if I got two, one for the front and one for the back with two
    batteries…would I got faster or would I need something else???

  2. How easy does that bike go when power is not connected to the motor?
    -I just got 1000w front wheel, it is heavy, wont spin even for 5 sec when
    turned by hand.
    Once i run out of power there is no way i can ride that thing home.

  3. Will Davis stealth electric bikes may have a better top speed but have you
    seen the price tags on them? Crazy money!

  4. I have read some posts here — they’re saying ebikes are illegal in most
    states. What? That makes no sense — Do you mean one must get a license?
    I need to know as I want to buy an ebike soon as I can decide which one
    under $700.

  5. So wer do we buy the setup? I can see a rear wheel conceiling luggage rack
    and bags coming , how wud the cops know if yu keep the speed down wen near
    them? It’d look Jst like a standard bike, pretending to pedal haha

  6. From what I’ve heard you hit something solid like a tree or car at 35 mph
    it can kill you pretty easy. I’f im gonna go that fast I would rather take
    my chances on a motorcycle. Riding something like this on sidewalks and
    bike paths is asking for trouble. Thats why governments around the world
    put limits on thier power. Also your visibility is lower to other drivers
    than motorcycles. Have fun while your alive.

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