Make Your Bike an E-Bike with Rubbee

Rubbee uses an 800-watt peak power electric motor to power a friction wheel that makes direct contact with your bikes rear tire. Rubbee is very easy to install, just mount the system to the…
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13 thoughts on “Make Your Bike an E-Bike with Rubbee

  1. A real conversion kit costs about 600 dollars you get the wheel with motor
    in it tire battery throttle why pay so much for this? 1000 dollar?

  2. I like the idea. But there is a lot of things in question. Friction on the
    tire of a 250lb man…Rubbee will saw down my tire in no time. Wet, mud, up
    hills…will still work? 1000$ wow

  3. It works but it’s goes up to 15 miles per hour if
    U want to do the same the built ur own electric bike if not then buy one on
    eBay or Craigslist 

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