Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel Video Review – All In One Smart Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit An all in one smart wheel that converts regular bicycles into smart electric bikes. It uses a…

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17 thoughts on “Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel Video Review – All In One Smart Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit

  1. The could just as easy use the gyroscope in the phone to make information
    about the quality of the roads. About air quality… well thats a bit

  2. You should never, ever use the regenerative feature until the battery is
    below 70%SOC. Charging efficiency falls off a cliff at about 70-75% and
    nearly all that electricity you are generating just gets turned into heat
    and will causes that batteries to get less life (will need replacement
    earlier than they otherwise would have). The Lower the SOC of the battery,
    the more efficiently it will convert electrical energy back into chemical
    energy. So when you are at 30% SOC, nearly all of the electricity generated
    going down a steep hill will go into the battery. Another problem is you
    can’t let the battery go dead as it can permanently render the battery
    useless. Also, because it’s 48V, there are a lot of cells making up this
    battery, so you shouldn’t let it ever drop below 10% because of the
    potential for cell mismatches. If one of the cells goes dead before the
    others (the risk gets higher and higher as you get closer to 0%) it will
    electronically reverse itself and vent. This venting is a permanent
    capacity loss for that cell and will reverse and vent even earlier the next
    time. Also, this thing is just way too expensive and most people aren’t
    going to get anywhere near 30 miles on a 297WH (48×6.2) battery. It takes
    about 350 watts to maintain 20mph (not to accelerate to it, that’s much
    higher). If you keep your speed down to 10 and regenerate on all downhill
    or flat lands, you can get impressive mileage, but most people won’t get
    that. Your chainring is too small and you are forcing the motor to do too
    much of the work, I would replace that and if possible, just put it on a
    different bike that has room for a cassette.. Being back heavy is good for
    short stopping. It helps keep the rear wheel from locking up in a panic
    stop which nearly always happens.

  3. Would have been great if you could compare riding up hill to a normal bike.
    This review is basically just a description of the wheel.

  4. What if it starts to rain when you’re out!? Your phone is soaked and broken
    🙁 Would be neat if they made a small, dedicated Copenhage Wheel bike

  5. the only thing i don’t like is the custom spokes, they will probably be
    hard to find. I also love the pedal back regen idea, much better then other
    So could you add a 2nd one in the front wheel ?

  6. Well where is a wheel of copenhagen? Have anyone some news, please?
    -When will we see one in our garage? why, we have no news, they all hide?

  7. The flykly is sooo much more pretty now that they developed it more. That
    light weight is tempting too. I just feel that in hilly Northern California
    I might need those gears. Flykly price advantage seems to have gone away as

  8. It would be awesome if they added a way for the cell phones accelerometer
    to detect the grade of inclines of a hill and automatically adjust boost
    based on the real time information. 

  9. Thanks for finally having a review of the Copahegen wheel.

    But now watching this review and the FlyKly I am confused on which one
    would be right for me.

    I like the FlyKly design and price but I am not sure if the Copahegen Wheel
    would be better or same.

    All I want is something that can get me to work with less or no effort at
    all and climb hills with ease without being sweaty and nasty when arriving
    to destination (work).

    Do you have any suggestions for me.

    I would appreciate it.

    Thanks keep up the great work.

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