Greyborg electric bike hub motor street testing, 59mph

This is the Greyborg hub motor aka, Hubzilla aka Cromotor as talked about on This is one of the most powerful hub motors you can install into a bicycle frame. I have mine installed into a 20″ BMX wheel and run a Pirelli ML75 tire which is about 21″ in diameter. Setup runs a max of 126V@100A through a Lyen made Xie Chang 150V 18 FET controller that uses IRFB4115 FETs. My controller has been heavily modified from the way it was received form Lyen to allow me to run such high currents. Bike frame is an all steel Kent kids full suspension mountain bike frame with upgraded components and custom fab work such as the 8″ lengthened swing arm. Brake are Hayes Strokers front and rear with 203mm discs. Front fork is a 4″ travel 26″ RST fork with adjustable compression and preload, rear shock is a 140mm Cane Creek Cloud 9 air shock. Bike is missing it’s chain because I need to install the correct crank set which is 48T front 16T rear. Not sure if I’ll keep it single speed or use the triple chain ring setup in the front.

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15 thoughts on “Greyborg electric bike hub motor street testing, 59mph

  1. Tx. I want to build e-bike in netx year. Now I’m learning about e-bikes. If I can ask one more question? 🙂 is there any possibility to put together BionX console with different hub motor like Magic Pie (4 example) and different Li-Ion battery in one bike? Bion Xconsole is very good for me but I want to put stronger motor hub and larger battery. If u now the answer to this question… I owe u a beer 🙂

  2. It depends on how fast I go. I don’t usually ride above 30mph on the street. I carry a 125V 17AH battery which will usually allow me to ride around 30 miles with over 20% left (it’s best if you don’t discharge lithium batteries below 20%).

    This was a top speed run showing off what this motor is capable of, not recommended or safe on a bicycle 🙂

  3. The greatest comment/recommendation I have ever read, when it comes to electric bike passing cars is: pedal back while passing another vehicle and… SMILE!

  4. would you plz what kind of controler and trotle is best to use , and also can you use any conltroler from diffrent manufacturer kit .

  5. Not really. When these automatic speed cameras had come into scene most drivers are doing not more than +20kmh above the limit.

  6. There is some resistance as all direct drive hubs will have. The bicycle coasts very well, but it also has a total weight of about 72lbs. Weight weenie carbon fiber lovers need not apply 🙂

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