What electric engine for my Pedal-Electric bike?

Question by Francesco: What electric engine for my Pedal-Electric bike?
Dear guys,
I’m going to turn my bike in a Pedal-Electric bike as a DIY work.
I saw there are a lot of motors:
Can you suggest me the best (couple or single) batteries (Watt and Ah) to bind with these motors?

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Answer by T P
500 w is sufficient enough, however, you have to consider what motor do you want. Brushless is more efficient, but costly. Battery is another option that you must decide. I would look on types and what is the best for your bike.

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2 thoughts on “What electric engine for my Pedal-Electric bike?

  1. You have to first ask yourself what kind of performance is required from your vehicle and what kind of budget you have to work with.

    If you have lots of hills in your area of travel and / or think you might be packing quite a load you might want to consider a more powerful motor. The same might be true if you wanted to go faster but then you might want to consider a fairing to cut the wind resistance that is more of a factor at higher speed.

    For a more powerful motor you will need to have batteries with a higher capacity for the same distance. Higher battery capacity will increase your distance you can travel. A too powerful motor will tend to drain your batteries unnecessarily.

    You may also wish to consider the weight of the components as there may be times that you will be powering the bike without the benefit of the motor. A lighter weight will also extend your range.

    I assume this will be your first project of this type. You are therefore likely going to want to gain from the experience while keeping the cost of the education to a minimum. I might suggest you go for a medium range of performance or cost. Good luck with it. If you document the conversion with pictures and a story you could post it on instructables.com or another site.

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