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If this is the first registration period, you have ever experienced? the concept of v? matter? Help? Electrical, you nntest k? ? Be Surprised? Ceilings, which is not what you expected. This is not the bike? Electric scooter or as some think. There really is nothing more complicated?, Just a picture of bicycle bells and whistles without basis f, then? Gene a motor? Electric, a contr? Them activate and R? Settle the power supply and battery it is a v? lo? electrically. These components? Electrical can k? The DIY kits obtained? Ltlich.

? Your still in a position p? v Daler it? lo, as you would with a V? lo normal, but he has? Components? electrical help the driver, and makes its way easier in the case o? No it is? Necessary.

The bikes? the are not a fate? be? ? Used? Type f? R the trip? high speed, just f? r? able to be to provide assistance when needed riders. It is obtained? Ht much the power of the people and makes it easy? Riding. This erm? Created the possibility for people who are not in shape and are? v? lo fate, the person? G? e? also required? v do? lo as a form of? advertising to stay in good health?, but m? not need to mountains, causing a heart attack k? nnten address, just use the s? H? Incidence of heart? is constant up to?. It is? the motor? power comes

There are many diff? Pensions Gr? En, shapes, designs and mod? them, and the speed mod? the v? los f? r the election. Models f? R the drivers? Tense and very wettbewerbsf? Hige L bank? S active! It? You? CIDE what you want and that you put in a cat? Category.

These engines? electrical use? be the heat? not enter the motor or m? I be? ? Install in the hub of the front wheel or rear? re. The heat? Type motor is no longer visible? Electric, w? While v? Go with the motor in the wheel hubs are lighter.

you get degrees? s wide variety of motive power 200W world? 700W,? Ad? Then, it’s want to them, or your own bed? Rfnissen use m? What you want. The batteries are? Also diff? ENT and v? Los k? You can choose w? Which battery? Using w? During the mod? do not want older?. Three types of batteries are used? Where? Hydride-m? metallic nickel, lead and lithium-ion batteries.

The motor is operated? with a contr? them back, it go? rt? the user? O cider? they want it? Quip? s. It can be brought Mount? on the handlebars of the m? Push the? t me? it as a gas, and it can be turned on with you? p? Sandals.


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