50 MPH 8000W AWD Electric Offroad Mountain Bike First Drive

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22 thoughts on “50 MPH 8000W AWD Electric Offroad Mountain Bike First Drive

  1. I’m more concerned about the range than speed. It wouldn’t be useful if it
    can go 50-100mph, but for only 15-30 mins.

  2. At what point does the officer who has stopped you inform you that “buddy
    you DO need a motorcycle licence.”

  3. Now that is cool! But in my opinion it seems more of a road/hybrid bicycle
    that a mountain bike. You tested it’s high capability on tarmac. I did that
    same thing with mountain bike (has no electric powering but the gear is
    buttoned, not twisting ones) which is awesome. I did that in the forests
    with rough tracks, I tell you, you defiantly need tough tyres and rough
    grips, that AND bike’s rim can be damaged, it looks thin to me. :p

  4. How much did it cost you to build? I checked out High Power Cycles and
    4000W kit was 4000 dollars. So if you put like 4000w kit was that like 8000
    dollars? holy snap. It’s really cool and i like the quite screaming of the
    electric motor but it’s not the most affordable transportation.

  5. Great to see, unfortunately in South Australia it would be classified as a
    motor cycle and cost about Aus$ 600 year to register. Oh well, government
    lackies are the same the world over.

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