25 thoughts on “55 MPH 10,000W AWD Electric Offroad Mountain Bike from Hi-Power Cycles

  1. Dude no offense but your ass is so fat you were bouncing on that seat like
    a lump of pork no surprise you need 10kW!

  2. How can you do all these videos with jeans on? Id have no more jeans left
    TNbecause id rip them all on the chain. I can never seem to ride with jeans
    on. Love the video clips but the jeans always seem to annoy me. I know im
    sorry thats just knit picky but to sell the product maybe you should where
    clothes that fit the activity.

  3. e-bikes only make sens in pedal assisted mode, and you don’t need that huge
    power, 250W is plenty enough unless you’re lazy or super unfit.

  4. You ride a mountain bike like a woman. Any man who has hit a bump while
    riding a mountain bike, while sitting on the seat, sings soprano. You must
    have no balls.

  5. Stupid. You don’t need any motor for the front wheel. It doesn’t make any
    sense. There are no situations when you need it.

  6. you can now buy cold fusion nuclear battery sticks, they will last for
    hundreds of years, no need to recharge, and radiation free, you will not
    turn into a mutant.

  7. i can’t believe your advertising 90%eff at 10000watts? LOL!!!!!!!!!! you
    can probably fry eggs on those hubs. 150 amp controller? I wouldn’t even
    know where to begin. false advertising is awsome

  8. “Nano Lithium” is just low end battery backs they bought from
    Hobbyking.com, dont get me wrong they perform well and gives out easily
    200-400 amps but they are low quality and have bad quality control, the
    best lithium batteries are from thunderpower (rc lipo) but they cost 240$
    per 110wh pack vs 70-90$ for the “nanotechs” from china. I have no doubt
    that they have a 150 amp controller, but i dont think they are using it`s
    potential due to the hub wheels. I am planning on building an e-bike with
    160a 50v continious controller, or 240a 50v continious controller. But i
    have not decided which motor i will use yet, or if i will gear down a motor
    and connect it with chains/belt or go for a low end hub motor like they are
    using. I Can get a 5kW (continious) motor that weighs under 700g, that can
    do 11kW burst for 2 sec. my main obstacle is gearing it down, making
    brackets and connecting it with the wheels, the electronics part is
    allready solved. (battery, controller, motor, controls etc)

  9. The power in the front wheel can cause it to loose traction in turns.
    Completely bad ass. I would tear it up.

  10. Maybe you should consider getting someone of above average ability to demo
    your products. Just a thought.

  11. Hmmm with that power the range must be 50 mtr or so lol and my six year old
    niece can ride a bike better than this !!

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