57 MPH 2014 HPC XC-1 4000W ELECTRIC BIKE w/ HPC AeroShield

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “57 MPH 2014 HPC XC-1 4000W ELECTRIC BIKE w/ HPC AeroShield

  1. 1 pot hole and you’re dead, and based on the condition of that road with
    all the cracks and shit it won’t be far lol. i’d be scared to ride this
    thing, but it surely is awesome

  2. Didn’t look like 50mph, and you didn’t show the radar during the testing.
    Not saying I don’t trust you, it looked fast enough for an e-bike, but why
    not get the radar in frame with the bike.

  3. some guy on craigs is selling this model with the 3500w motor and brand new
    battery for $1200 in ny . had to check these out

  4. Oh my GOD. Now that’s a bike I could ride in Fresno!! No more needing to
    worry about getting run-over on any street I go down… WOW. Electrical
    engineering, aerodynamics, everything in this thing… AMAZING.
    Regenerative braking, I’d imagine?

  5. wouldnt you gain another few mph by switching those knobbly tires out for
    something a bit more road friendly .. the tire hum is deafening, must be
    chewing some power!

  6. Down force; applied with a 10 inch horizontal bar. Hmmm seems to me like
    that’s absolutely not doing anything for downforce. I’m actually a fan of
    these bikes but it is shocking how many times their videos come across as a
    bunch of high schoolers messing with batteries. 

  7. it takes about 375watts to go 81mph in a streamlined recumbent bike I think
    people can do an average of about 60mph for 1 hour using about 275 watts of
    muscle power you need to spend a bit more time on the windshield ! like to
    see it go in a unfaired recumbent 4000watts should really go 

  8. What’s the difference between the XC-1, 2, and Elite? I see it makes a
    significant price difference but not sure what it changes.

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